Free Xbox Live Codes No Surveys Or Offers No Scam

How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes {solved} 2019

free xbox live codes no surveys


If you are game addicted and own an Xbox in your home, you should take Xbox Live Gold Membership for playing new Games. If you have a budget constraint to buy Xbox Live Gold membership, then consider using our methods to get Free Xbox Live Codes 2018. In the article, we will explore many legit methods by which you can get your First free Xbox codes.

Before you read our recommendation, please remember, many websites are claiming to provide you legit Xbox live code, but most of them are phishing websites. This website works in two ways:

Online Generator (survey website):

These types of website claim to give free code using some online hack. It will show some beautiful graphics to convince you that they can hack Microsoft server to get Xbox Gold codes. It will ask you to provide your user id or email; then they will show you some algorithm and then they will claim that you will receive Xbox membership codes.

But it will stop starting to do “Human verification” or “complete a survey.” It will make you complete one survey, and then they will send you to google or some broken links. We have carried out extensive research on these fake online Xbox Live Code generator and conclude that they all are 100% FAKE. Do not fall prey to these websites which earn through your commission on completion of the survey.

Download MOD Apk or Download HACK:

There is the second type of websites which are more dangerous. It will try to install some software on your system stating some hack. What they do is, they install virus and malware which later on compromise the whole system.

After leveraging the admin privilege, the hacker gains the control of the compromised system and take all personal information. Your personal information such as credit card, bank details, loan details, car loans, house mortgage details, everything will be taken away including your SSN (for USA residents).

Our recommendation, do not download anything from these websites they all are fake and will compromise your system by installing malware.

Methods to get free Xbox Gold Membership Live codes Without Surveys

1. Create a New Xbox Account

If you want Xbox Gold membership, then create a new Xbox account. This will give you free one-month trial Xbox live membership. Do not forget to cancel one-month trial Xbox live membership account before finishing the month or Microsoft will bill you for the next month. Follow these steps and acquire one-month trial of Xbox lives:

  1. open your Microsoft account and login
  2. Navigate to the subscriptions page
  3.  Click on Xbox Gold Membership (one-month free trial)
  4. Add your Credit card details for registration
  5. Now enter your Valid billing information
  6. Follow the onscreen process to complete the registration
  7. Check, you got one-month Xbox Gold Membership Live Code.

2. Get New Email IDs to make multiple accounts

For this method you need to have multiple emails id, every time you make a new account using new emails id, you get one-month free Xbox live gold membership. Use this method to get a free one-month membership. Always remember to use a new credit card with new emails. Make sure; you cancel before one month to avoid paying for the next month.

3. Check for complementary Xbox trial membership

Keep an eye on new releases of Xbox games; you will find many games provides free Xbox live Trial ranging from 2 days to 1 month upon verified purchase. You should consider buying those Xbox game title using the official website to get those trial memberships.

4. Check for Bonus in new Xbox Consoles

There are many occasion during the year when Microsoft gives Xbox live coupons on Xbox Consoles. To boost sales or to promote the new game, Microsoft bundle these Xbox memberships with new consoles. If you don’t have Xbox console, then look out for these events for free Xbox membership, events like Black Friday, new year, Thanksgiving, Black Friday.

5. Activate Xbox Live Trial

If you have Xbox and you do not activate Xbox live account, then consider your self-lucky, you can activate Xbox Live Gold Subscription. Follow this method to activate Xbox Live Gold Trial:

  1. Open your Microsoft account and navigate to your subscription page
  2. Click on one-month Xbox Gold Trial subscription
  3. Add your valid credit card details
  4. Enter your valid address and follow on-screen information
  5. Voila, check your account is not activate with Xbox Live Gold Subscription
  6. Cancel your membership before one month to avoid paying for next month

6. Always check Reddit Giveaway

Always check for free Xbox live code present in Reddit and subreddit, we have summarized few subreddit which you can check to get free Xbox Gold codes.

Final words

We hope this article is useful to you in finding legit Xbox gold membership code. Do not fall prey to “Free Xbox Online Live Code generators” websites, they all are fake. We recommend you to use our legit method to earn Xbox live codes. Always browse, Reddit and subreddit to get some unused code for Xbox live membership.