Giveaway : Free Instagram Likes Bot 1000 Likes Daily

Are you looking for free Instagram likes bot 1000 likes daily, and then you have visited the right website. We have reached 5000 active users and to mark this celebration, we have launched 1000 free likes for all Instagram users.

We are making this event huge with giving free Instagram 1000 likes for all those Instagram fans who are struggling to get there fist 100 likes and comment. We have developed an online tool which uses API of likes for likes website, which gives real user likes within 30 min.

You can get you first legit 1000 free Instagram likes on your BIO without fearing of banning your account. We pride our self as the first website in the world which uses API system which is connected to likes for likes website which is a like exchange network.

If you feel that all likes are coming from bots or system generated software, you can contact us at our email provided. We assure you all for the legitimate of the system as all the likes are generated by real people, and this will take at least 30 min to complete all the process.

 Free Instagram Likes Bot 1000 Likes Daily Features

 We have tested this online tool with several online fake Instagram likes provider, who take the money and provides you with fake bots likes. No one in uses any API which is connected to likes for likes network or any other likes exchange networks. We have developed this tool to get real followers on Instagram. Some of the features which this tool contains is as follows

  1. Online tool to give you free Instagram likes bot 1000 likes daily
  2. It will work great with all available browsers
  3. Works smoothly on all type of Smartphone and PC/Laptops
  4. We did not charge anything (it is free)
  5. Work on the like for like traffic exchange concept
  6. Likes are generated by real people
  7. No bots are involved in this process
  8. Human-like activity to safeguard your Instagram account
  9. 100% Instagram account safe
  10. 100% Malware and virus free
  11. No unnecessary download required
  12. Used by more than 5100 happy users till date

How to get Free Instagram Likes Bot 1000 Likes Daily

If you are a new visitor, then you should follow this method to get free likes on our website.

  1. Click on the online generator given in the website
  2. Now select 1000 likes button given in the online tool
  3. Input your Instagram user id or email id in the given section
  4. Press the button
  5. The website will search your name and send it to the like-for-like website using API
  6. Likes will start pouring in your BIO or post
  7. You have to wait for 30 min for 1000 likes to be completed
  8. Always remember, these clicks are generated by real people, and we don’t have a magic wand which will give you 1000 likes in one second
  9. Time may vary from 30 to 40 min depending on the like-for-like server load.
  10. Please be patient for that period, before you shoot a mail to us.


Why should you choose us?

There is no reason why you should choose us, all we can tell is, we know what we are doing and we are the best. You can also try other websites which are giving 1000 likes instantly, but those websites are generating likes from BOTS which means Instagram will find out easily and ban your account straight away.

If you want 100% human-like activity on your Instagram account, then you should use our website. We pride our self as the first website which uses the like-for-like API which is like exchange network.

If you still have doubt then look at those 5100 happy people who use our service and gain 1000 Instagram like within 30 min.

Is there any restriction in using this service?

There is no restriction on how many times you can use our service, but we recommend to use it one time daily to avoid any problem. We are 100% sure that our method will not harm your Instagram account, but please look out for other people who also need Instagram likes.

We did not restrict any person from using our service more than one time, but always get your 1000 like’s first then use our service again.

Is this safe to use?

This online tool is safe to use, we are running this tool for more than three months now, and no one ever reports any Instagram account ban. You can use our tool safely without getting account ban.

How are you providing 1000 Instagram likes free?

We are not generating Instagram likes from bots, we are using third party website like-for-like credit to get you real human likes. These websites are based on like an exchange, and they thrive on like’s credit.

Final word

According to report, Instagram now has more than one Billion active users, this milestone, Instagram has achieved on Jun 2018. According to the report Instagram has 800 million users on Sep 2017 which become one Billion in Jun 2018. So, if you are on Instagram, then you should be looking for likes and comment on your BIO.

We can help you in your endeavor and make a little contribution with 1000 free Instagram likes.