Roblox Hack Explained – How To Avoid Scams

So, you want free Robux for your Roblox game to buy game items and characters or game passes. You have money constraints and did not want to spend money on these online game items. You Google free Robux codes and you find some hundred of website popup claiming to give you free Robux.

You start laughing and winking on your luck.

You open these websites and put your Roblox game account username, and see the magic unreal in front of your eyes. Your luck went out when the website did not consider you are a human and tell you to “prove you are human” and throw your surveys.

As you want Robux badly, you start completing those surveys, one by one.

After your complete survey, you were sent to Google again or to some other website for filling out a new survey.

After completing 4 to 5 surveys in three different websites, you came to know that these all are hoax websites and you will rip off your precious time to fill money in these websites bank.

Welcome to Roblox Online generator Scam which is 100% illegal.

So, here are nine facts which you should check before falling prey for this online Scam.

Fact1 # No Software can Hack Roblox Sever externally

There is no way that any software can hack Roblox server externally and give you unlimited free Robux codes. All the scam website will show that their algorithm has hack Roblox server and they got the desired Robux. They will also pretend that they are good Samaritan and want to help everyone by giving free Robux.

They will make big hoax as they can give you high demonization Robux card or Robux in the chunk of 25000 in one min. these are all hoax and no one can provide you with those kinds of Robux with the hack.

Roblox game developer has very dedicated IT department which always keeps eyes on these types of hacking. If anyhow security breach happens, it will take only a few minutes to discover the vulnerability and it will be patch immediately.

Always remember, all the hacker is prosecuted according to the law of the country, and these online websites can be brought down within hours if they perform such type of hacktivism.

These online Scam websites never get reported to the police because they never hack any Roblox server. They did not provide anyone free Robux, all they do is to force the user to complete the survey.

Fact2 # Robux online Generator is 100% Scam

All Robux online generator is 100% Scam and illegal. They operated on DMCA ignored websites which did not follow any rules and regulation of the internet. They Scam people by forcing them to complete surveys.

No Online Generator can hack Roblox server to give your unlimited Robux. It is impossible for any small script to hack Roblox server and get access to its database.

If you want to test these types of websites, then put some gibberish username such as aaaaeehrehhrhehhhretvds they will accept these types of awkward username and will display that username found.

Whatever username you put in the online generator website, the ultimate Scam point is the “prove that you are human” and then they will throw survey to complete. So, our advice stays away from these type of Scam websites.

Fact3 # Roblox Assets Downloader is 100% Scam and illegal

One more scam which is now the surface is Roblox Assets Downloader, which works on many different ways. All of them uses JavaScript manipulation to download Assets from sellers’ stores.

We must advise you all to stay away from such type of website. In these of website, you need to put the exact URL of the asset page for download any items. What you will end up is to complete a survey to get those items.

We have never seen any paid items can be download from these methods and they all thrive on making users complete surveys. Our advice does not use these websites as this may lead to breaking copyright infringement, which may land you up in the jail if the owner finds out your IP and address.

Fact4 # Roblox Mod software is 100% Scam

Roblox Mod software is 100% fake and Scam software which works on the PPI model. PPI stands for pay per install, which means they will get paid when users install software on their computer.

This Scam website works on two types

  • Installing outdated software on your system
  • Installing virus and malware on your System

Whenever you download Roblox mod, they will send you at least 4 to 5 extra software which is bundled in the Roblox mod software. These garbage software gets installed without your permission along with Roblox mod software and they will get paid for installing software on your system.

They will also try to install virus and malware on your system, to get all your information. Information about your credit card, bank account details, your loan amount, your personal data such as picture and video which later can be used to blackmail you.

Our advice, these are the most dangerous kind of Scam which is going on at present and do not download any type of exe which can execute virus in your system.

Fact5 # Roblox Gift Code Generator is 100% Scam

These type of Scam works on giving Roblox Gift Code, which is 100% Scam and users end up completing surveys. You will surprise to see, such type of scam websites which claim that they will give your free Roblox Gift code which you can use in your Roblox game to get free Robux.

We advise not to give your user id and password to such type of scam website which will force you to complete endless surveys.

Fact6 # All Scam website earn form Survey

As we have seen all most all type of Scam website earns by the survey. Only one Scam works on PPI method and that was very dangerous. We advise all young users to stay away from all these new methods of scamming people on websites.

Whenever you see any website throw you popup “Prove you are human”, its time to run away from that website as they will make you complete surveys.

Fact7 # Get free Builder Club is totally Scam

New kind of websites surfaced which claim to give Free Builder Club. We want to advice people that there is no free lunch and no one can give you a free builder club. Builder club can be only purchased in the game, there are three types of builder club in Roblox game.

  • Classic Builder club: cost $5.95 monthly and $57.95 annually
  • Turbo Builder club: cost $11.95 monthly and 485.95 annually
  • Outrageous Builder club: cost $ 19.95 and $129.95 annually

Fact8 # Roblox G Exploit Kit can ban your Roblox Account

Roblox G Exploit kit is real and these are very dangerous, they can give you game pass to your Roblox character. These Exploit kit works on DLL injection and gives your many powers such as auto-aiming, speed running, speed climbing, walking through the wall and jumping high.

Do not use Roblox G Exploit kit, they may ban your Roblox account permanently.

Fact9 # Roblox Player .exe can Harm your Computer

Roblox player .exe can harm your computer. This exploit has been made for windows and Xbox one or Xbox 360. You can get special power using this Roblox player .exe. one of the main things to notice is that a hacker may get inside your computer system using these exploit kit.

Our advice do not use these exploit kit as your personal information can be at risk using these .exe

Final words

We have summarised all type of Scam and hack going on these days for Roblox game. Always remember there is no free lunch, avoid these types of scam to safeguard your system and your personal information. Do not give your Roblox user id and password to any of these websites. Stay safe and keep on playing Roblox.