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Shadow Fight 3 Mod

If you are an avid gamer and love to play role-playing games, then we recommend you one of the most sensation game of the year, Shadow Fight 3. This game was developed by NEKKI a Russian based game company which reach to top 2 game developing company in Russia after launching this game.

Shadow Fight 3 get immense popularity after its predecessor Shadow Fight 2 got hit with mobile user and busted all charts. This is the third version of the most popular role-playing games at present for the mobile users.

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  1. Brief Storyline of the game
  2. Features of the games
  3. About Dynasty
  4. About Heralds
  5. About Legion
  6. Why you need shadow fight 3 hack tool
  7. Features of the Shadow Fight 3 hack tool

7.1 The shadow hack tool is free of cost

7.2 Fully Browser based hack

7.3 Fully anti-ban and proxy supported

7.4 Mobile friendly web Gui

  1. How to use Shadow Fight 3 Mod?

Brief Storyline of the game

Shadow hack 3 has very intuitive story line, people are now accustomed to the Shadow Energy present in their lives. They are now learning to use this shadow energy for their benefit in war as well as in daily household.

But this treaty will soon end, when powerful legion will attack on Dynasty’s land in order to put an end to the “shadow Threat” from humanity. However, not all are afraid of these shadow energy, Dynasty on the other hand belief that correct use of this energy can solve most of the human problems.

Third faction, the mysterious heralds came into the fray which know the nature of shadow energy and can create a havoc with its misuse.

 A new hero will appear, who will discover the power of Shadow Energy, bring the war to an end and save the world. Are you ready for the challenge???

 What is the Dynasty Faction?

Dynasty is the key faction of the game, which accept Shadow energy as weapon and good energy source. To them fighting is an art, and their combat style of fighting resembles a dance. Dynasty faction believe in Shadow energy as good for humanity.

What is the Legion Faction?

They are one of the key factions in the shadow fight 3 game, who want to destroy shadow energy at any cost. They believe that shadow energy will make things worse and it will eliminate whole humanity.

Who are the Heralds faction?

Heralds faction are the surprise package of this game, they spend years of learning the nature of shadow energy, seeking a way to peacefully use it. They are extremely secretive and want to remain in shadows, until any threat poses to shadow energy.

 Why You Need Shadow Fight 3 Mod For Unlimited Money And Gems?

shadow fight 3 unlimited money and gems

We have summed up few points of why you will need shadow fight 3 cheats to pay this amazing game:

  • Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK tool saves tons of time: when you will start your campaign in this game, you will find that it is very difficult to win any duel or fight. All your opponent will have upgraded inventory and power. You have to spend tons of time to earn for moves, perks, inventory and cards. This will spoil your fun for playing this game.
  • Shadow Fight 3 mod will allow you to explore the whole new world of shadows with ease. You can upgrade all your moves, tools, inventory and power with free unlimited Money and Gems.
  • You will have an extra edge when fighting another player. Just imagine this, you are at power 50 and other player is on power 250, how frustrating it look, now that situation can be avoided with free unlimited gems. You can gain extra edge over another player.
  • It saves lots of money. Let face the real fact, game developer makes games to get money, which they get when you buy cards, gems, coins, from your real money, these all can your avoid when you will use our free online hacking tools.

Features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod:

You can use our tool free of charge until you did not abuse our system. We want all our player safe and we also want that with our tool they game account remain safe and sound. We have incorporated some feature which will excite you to use our hack tool.

  • The online hack tool is completely Free and it will be remained free that a promise. We are here to strive for making our tool the best online hack tool ever for shadow fight 3. You will not charge anything for using our online hack tool
  • Fully Browser based hack: we are here to ensure safety of our visitor’s system, be it mobile or PC. Therefore, we have made fully browser-based hack which did not need to install in user computer to get executed. As many programmers put virus and malware with the hack tool, we ensure our visitor that our online tools are 100% virus and malware free.
  • Fully anti-ban and proxy supported: we have developed this tools with such a perfection that it employs fully anti-ban algorithm which ensure safety of user game account. We have added feature in the cap with our proxy support so that user IP cannot be traced by the game server.
  •  Mobile friendly WEB GUI: We have developed this tool which is 100% mobile friendly and all functionality can be used by your mobile browser.

How to use Shadow Fight 3 ?

We have developed this tool in such a way that, it can be used by everyone. Here are some of steps which are used to get unlimited gems.

  1. Click on the “online tool” and you will be greeted with our online generator page
  2. Enter your game user id (please do not put password anywhere in the page)
  3. Now select the platform you are using i.e android or iOS
  4. Now enter the number of  Gems And Money You Want.
  5. This will start our algorithm which will take some time
  6. After completion of the hack. Close the browser and relaunch your game in your device
  7. Check your account, it is added with gems / Money which you have filled
  8. Happy playing.

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