Top 5 Easter Eggs In Fortnite

top easter egss in Fortnite


We bet you have seen many Easter eggs in Fortnite but did not pay attention as you will concentrating on the battle. But it is true; you will find many easter eggs in Fortnite which are hilarious and outstanding or shows some plan which may incorporate in the future.

So, what are Easter eggs in Games?

Easter eggs in terms of Software games are hidden messages or secret items which gaming programmers left behind in the game to show their mark in the game. There are many easter eggs which give you power, new life, a secret tunnel, new small mini-games, new ideas or simply hidden messages.

These easter eggs are intentionally developed to put a signature in the game by game developers. Easter eggs are great when you find them and yell them in the online world for the discovery. All of sudden a very competitive game will turn into Easter eggs hunting game.

Top 05 Easter eggs in Fortnite Game

  1. Disco Fever
  2. Poster of Jazz Jackrabbit
  3. Poster of Unreal Tournament
  4. Big Dinosaur Footprint
  5. Truck Monster

So, let drill down on all these Easter eggs in Fortnite game

1. Disco Fever

Do you want to enjoy some disco while you were playing Fortnite, then you need to check the Disco title in the Loot Lake Factory?

You need to activate the disco ball by dancing on all the floor, which enable you all to go into the disco fever mode in the game. This is a great stress buster and will provide some fun during the battle intensive situation. Be ready to take you all squad members to loot lake factory and start dancing in the beat of disco.

2. Poster of Jazz

Do you love Jazz rabbit?

Well, you will find this Easter eggs in Fortnite when you will visit one bedroom which will have a picture of a rabbit holding a gun, and the poster title read “Jazz Jackrabbit.” This game was developed by Epic Megagames in the year 1994 and was available on a handheld console game.

Jazz Jackrabbit was a green hare who fight with Turtles nemesis in the science fiction story of “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

3. Poster of Unreal Tournament

We all know Epic Games uses the Unreal Engine and make the first battleground game, which was Unreal Tournament. Unreal tournament was the biggest challenger or Quake, these two games where superpower of older times. With the Unreal engine being used in Fortnite and PUGB, it is a unique way to give tribute to an old game in a game poster.

If you check Kid’s bedroom during the gameplay, you will find an aerial view of Unreal Tournament map which was taken from “Facing Worlds.”

4. Big Dinosaur Footprint

If you are playing in Snobby Shores and greasy Grove, then you might have noticed that it has a big Dinosaur footprint perhaps more specific T-rex. Many players have speculated that there might be one dinosaur roaming in the Fortnite games which is never being spotted till now (source). But due to that big dinosaur footprint, many theories were presented, some of them are as follow

  • There might be one Dinosaur roaming in the Fortnite game
  • Fortnite maps being hit by metros and this gives the impression of a footprint
  • Fortnite will introduce Dinosaur in the future; this is the early sign of indication
  • Fortnite game developers want to introduce player Dino in the next update
  • Be Ready for encountering any Dinosaur shortly

5. Truck Monster

If you look carefully, you can find Truck Monster between Retail Row and Lonely Lodge. These are bizarre looking Monster with different cars and truck are placed over each other to give it a Monster look. One of the game developer comment that this Truck Monster was used to give tribute to Optimus Prime of famous Hit Picture Transformers.

In the active Fortnite forums players has also given a name to that Truck Monster as Truckasaurus. So, next time when you start playing the Fortnite game just pay a visit to the Truck monster.

Final words

As we all know Easter eggs are very common in any games; you only need to pay attention to them while playing. These Easter eggs are creating intentionally to leave signature into the game by gaming developers’ team.

Next time, you play just pay attention to these details and enjoy the Easter eggs in Fortnite.