Top 7 Tips to Gain Fame In Moviestarplanet Game

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Moviestarplanet Game is developed for children aged between eight to fifteen years old, to make them bold enough to face the world for fame. The moviestarplanet game is created in such a way that it depicts the real-world situation and make teenager ready for their real-life journey. Moviestarplanet Game teaches children how to get fame by kindness and politeness, which you need in real life for getting fame.

You should consider Moviestarplanet game for your children if you want them to become confident in life and to face any difficulty in life with full velour and smile.

Moviestarplanet Game has Starcoins as their official coins from which you can buy different game items for your online avatar. You also can earn fame using different tips given in this article. Always remember, there is no shortcut to getting fame, and it is also true in the case of Moviestarplanet Game.

So, here are top 7 MovieStarPlanet Hacks to gain Fame in Moviestarplanet Game:

Tip 1 # Buy diamond and spin the Wheel of Fame

If you want instant fame then you have to invest in the diamonds, if you can purchase diamond, then you can use it on the wheel of fame. It will give you instant fame which can make your child famous overnight.

Tip 2 # Get VIP account

If you want to get quick fame or Starcoins, then you need to invest money in buying VIP account in Moviestarplanet game. There are three VIP membership packages which you can opt for:

  • Regular VIP Package
  • Elite VIP Package
  • Star VIP Package

All VIP package comes with a hefty price, and you should be willing to churn out a good amount of money for buying these VIP packages.

Tip 3 # Check Oscar and Scissor Icon on your Dashboard

There are many tasks which are going on the Moviestarplanet game; if you want to find them, then you need to click on OSCAR and Scissor icon present on your dashboard. You will be greeted with a different small task which can give you fame and Starcoins. All the task present in this dashboard are smaller and can fetch you 100 Starcoins after the competition.

Tip 4 # Check Fame Magazine

You should always check the fame magazine present on your dashboard. It has some special events going on every day; you should consider completion small task or events present in the magazine. Moviestarplanet has everything common to the real life if our real life we love stars and we always look forward to attending a various function where stars are present. You should consider the same situation here; the fame magazine represents the real magazine published in the real world which has all the events, function going on that particular day.

Tip 5 # Love pets to earn money and fame

Go to different chat rooms which have pets in common. Love their pets (online avatar) and get daily money. We all love our pets, and we feel proud when we show them to the outer world. So, why not give love to pets in the online world and earn over 2000 Starcoins per week. We recommend you to find some pets group present in the chat room and get receiving fame and Starcoins.

Tip 6 # Play different games given in the Daily Quizzes

There is some hidden task which you should consider to perform to get some Starcoins in Moviestarplanet. You can play games which are kept on popping in your dashboard, for example, take quizzes and earn 10 Starcoins. You should play different games to gain some fame and Starcoins.

Tip 7 # Login daily to get fame

Do not miss out the opportunity to get bonus and rewards when your login daily. You should login daily to get the freewheel of fortune spins which can give you fame and Starcoins if you are VIP.

Final words

If you follow our Top 7 tips to gain fame in Moviestarplanet Game, then we assure you that you will get fame within no time. The Moviestarplanet game is safe for all children when you are regularly checking on their chat messages. Encourage you children for cyber safety and teach them how not to fell victim of internet fraud. Teach them not to disclose any personal information, like mobile no, address, school or family income. We hope our article on Moviestarplanet will help you in finding fame within shorter times.